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Everyone told me not to towel dry my curly hair, but to use a cotton t-shirt instead. The problem with a t-shirt is that it’s shaped like a t-shirt! I needed something bigger in the shape of a towel, especially for long, thick curly hair. The idea for Lovely Curl was born, and I’ve used my Lovely Curl towel every day ever since.

– Angela, Owner & Founder

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how to

Blot and scrunch after washing to absorb excess moisture before applying product to wet hair.

Squeeze out excess moisture while you twist sections for a beachy wave, or gently wrap or or plop while air drying

Drape around your shoulders while diffusing. It helps protect your clothes too!

Lovely Curl

Use in a traditional wrap to keep from dripping all over the place while you set your curls.



“The first time I used my Lovely Curl towel on wash day, I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t over dry my 4b hair, so my subsequent products could lock in all that moisture and define my curl pattern. Even my sister, who is a trained cosmetologist, noticed the difference! Thank you for making a product that really works for a wide range of hair types!”

Melanie, CA

“Such a big difference from using a regular towel. I style my hair when it’s still kinda wet…so with Lovely Curl I didn’t have to spray water in my hair before I put in product. And of course…less frizzy! Perfect for me!”

Tiffeny, TN

“I have thick hair and a lot of it. My Lovely Curl dries my curls without frizz and lets me wear my hair down. I use it everyday and take it when I travel. I love it!”

Cecilia, OH

“Love love love the towel!”

Abby, OH

“Lovely Curl has been a game changer for me! I used to have more bad hair days than good ones. I’ve gone through so many gels, serums, sprays, and pomades.  The end result was always the same-dry frizz! Understandably I was skeptical about adding Lovely Curl into my hair routine since I already had a collection of hair products that had failed me.  To my surprise, my doubts were unfounded. The size of the towel was perfect since I have a lot of hair, and the material of it was soft like an old, worn-in t-shirt. I gently scrunch my hair with the towel and then wrap my hair in it while I finish getting ready. As my hair dries, I can see that my old nemesis, frizz, does not make an appearance. I only see the smooth waves and curls that have always eluded me. My only question is, “Where has Lovely Curl been all my life!”

Nicole, MI

“It’s a great product. So soft. Lovely Curl works really well to prep my hair for product and styling after the shower.”

Ali, OH

“There aren’t many options out there when it comes to hair towels. You can use the bulky shower towel that leaves a kink in your neck while you continuously try to balance it so it doesn’t unravel as you get finish getting dressed, or you can try the tiny microfiber towel twists that do not remove all the moisture from your hair and scrunch your curls into strange angles if you can fit all your hair in. Lovely Curl has added so much more to my typical morning routine. I have a beautiful pattern to admire in my reflection, I can easily put on shirts with Lovely Curl still wrapped around my hair, it removes all the necessary moisture, and it retains my curls without flattening them. Lovely Curl brings convenience and ease to my already hectic morning as a mother of six gearing up for the day – it’s a game changer!!”

Michelle, OH

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